Human Communications Ineffective

Human Communications Ineffective - Human Communications...

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Human Communications Group 4 Ineffective Performance Opening Scene: (at the gym) Ashley and Samantha are in the locker room changing, getting ready to go work out. Samantha: How’s Bob been doing lately? It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about him. Ashley: He’s a lazy bum! He quit his job; he never helps around the house. Samantha: Oh, tell me about it! My husband comes home from work and expects me to wait on him hand and foot! I just don’t have the time. Continue gossiping about husbands, looking through gym bags trying to find clothes. Samantha: Oh no! Ashley: What’s wrong? Samantha: I forgot my shirt at home… I don’t have anything to work out in! Ashley: Here, I have one of my husband’s shirts from when he wasn’t a bum and used to actually come to the gym with me! It’s clean, I promise. Hands her the shirt. Samantha: Thanks so much! Cut to them jogging on the treadmill, gossiping about other people at work. Cut to the women sitting in Samantha’s car, about to drive Ashley home. Samantha: Thank you again for letting me wear your husband’s shirt. Ashley: It’s no problem. Like I said, he won’t be using it. Samantha: Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight? I’m making lasagna, so there will be plenty of it left for a guest. Ashley: That sounds wonderful! Will Nathan mind? Samantha: ( laughs ) I’ll be making dinner, so I’ll decide who gets to eat it. He won’t mind if we have company. Besides, he’s probably sitting on the couch, eating chips and watching football – so he’s happy.
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Cut to Nathan sitting on the couch, with a scowl on his face, eating potato chips and watching tv. He occasionally yells at the television.
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Human Communications Ineffective - Human Communications...

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