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Name_______________________ RDG ______-_______ Date _______________________ Analyzing Your Quiz or Test or Assignment Results Were you disappointed in the grade you received on this assessment?________ How much time did you spend preparing for this assessment? 1 hour or less _____ 2-3 hours _____ 4 or more hours _____ What strategies did you use to prepare for the assessment? Check all that apply. _____attempted additional practice from readings in the book. _____studied notes. _____worked with teacher during office hour. _____saw tutor. _____prepared flashcards for key information.
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Unformatted text preview: Did your absences (excused OR unexcused) and/or tardies impact on your grade? What “mind set” issues hurt your performance? Do you. . . _____allow your mind to wander too often in class? _____always sit in the last row? _____sit with friends? _____rarely spend time studying? _____procrastinate? _____have a poor homework record? _____let your job monopolize your time? _____never participate in class? _____never ask questions? What will you do differently to prepare for the next assessment? Other comments:...
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analyzing_your_quiz___project_scores - Did your...

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