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Improving Your Academic Performance Some experts say it is impossible to change bad habits. Their advice is to eliminate bad habits and begin new behaviors. Consider eliminating the following: Anger and annoyance . Often students try and improve how they read or study. They look up words in the dictionary. The definition is as unclear as the new word. It is very frustrating. Sometimes students just give up. Defeatism . Often college work can be very challenging. Instead of improving one skill at a time, some students just give up. Blame . Your boss keeps changing your work schedule. Your parents expect too much. Your teachers assign too much work. Sometimes students think their lack of success in college is somebody else’s fault. Fear . People are fragile. Students may be afraid of asking questions in class, discussing how they don’t understand with tutors. They don’t want to make a mistake or look or sound silly so they don’t even try. Comparisons . The “other” students are smarter. They just get it. Students sometimes feel
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Unformatted text preview: there is no way they can keep up so they don’t try. What are the new behaviors struggling students need? Prioritizing . What do you want? Make a list. Reorder the wants in order of importance. Managing time . This is difficult. The college offers workshops on time management. Videos and books are available in the library. Get a calendar. Block out time for reading, reviewing, writing, studying. Getting help . The staff members at the college are here for you. Teachers encourage questions. Tutoring is available free in the Irene Brodie Academic Skills Center. If you meet someone unhelpful, try somebody else. Congratulating you . Compliment yourself with each positive step. C minuses don’t change to A’s overnight. Celebrate the C’s and C+’s, too. The A’s and B’s will come eventually. Always feel free to visit, call, or write me for help. Adapted from Brother’s “Clean Out Your Mental Closet.” January 5, 2003...
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