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SQ3R Reading - R ecite – Stop after each section or after...

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The SQ3R Reading /Study System S urvey This is prereading. Use the 5 Methods of Assessment. Become familiar with the overall content and organization of the material (Note the bold face print, chapter headings, subheadings and italicized words. Look at any charts, pictures, graphs or other visual material and read the captions below. Briefly read any introductory paragraphs and summary sections. Note any glossary terms listed.) Q uestion – Formulate questions about the material. As you read each heading, turn it into a question. (Turn each heading into a question) R ead As you read each section, actively search for the answer to your guide questions. When you find the answers, highlight or mark portions of the text that concisely state the information.
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Unformatted text preview: R ecite – Stop after each section or after each major heading, look away from the page and try to remember the answer to your questions. If you were unable to remember, look back at the page and reread the material. Then test yourself again by looking away from the page and “reciting” the answer to your question. R eview – After you have finished reading the entire lesson, go back through the material again and read titles, introductions, summaries, headings, and graphic material. As you read each heading, recall your question and test yourself to see if you can still remember the answer. If you cannot, reread that section again....
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