00_Syllabus - Travel Demand Analyis and Forecasting Civil...

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Unformatted text preview: Travel Demand Analyis and Forecasting Civil Engineering 480-1 Winter 2012 Jefrey Newman Course Requirements and Syllabus Description is course provides an introduction to travel demand theory and conven- tional and advanced travel models including instruction and practice in model formulation and estimation and use of models in travel prediction. Practical problems are assigned to provide experience in data handling, model estimation and model interpretation. Course Objectives Develop an understanding of the travel demand modeling process. Develop the ability to use statistical analysis (including data exploration, hypothesis testing, etc.) to develop disaggregate models of individuals travel choices. Develop proFciency in synthesizing results and preparing technical reports. Become familiar with relevant software (ELM, Excel) and its use. Format Classes are combination of lecture and discussion. Students are expected to read assignments before class and to participate in class discussions. Homework assignments will be given and analysis of these assignments will be the basis for some class discussion during the class immediately following their due date, so it is essential to complete assignments on time . Students may collaborate on the approach to and analysis of homework assignments but are expected to prepare and present results and interpre- tations independently. Schedule Class will normally meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, from :pm to :pm. Class will also be cancelled on Monday, January and Wednes- Per university policy, the frst class meeting will be on Tuesday, January instead oF Monday, January , and there will be no class meeting on Monday, January (MLK Day)....
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00_Syllabus - Travel Demand Analyis and Forecasting Civil...

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