Lec8 - Muckraking; Progressivism and WWI Muckraking was a...

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Muckraking; Progressivism and WWI Muckraking was a precurrser to investigative journalism Coming Up Muckraking and the Progressive Era Mackraking as a petri dish for rise of PR Image of PR practitioner Overview From the turn of the century until WWI, magazines introduced reform issues into the mainstream of American society With the onset of war, editorial patriotism diverted reform eergies to winning the war for democracy when the war hit, it became a very oppressive period "penduleum" shifts towards gov't control Citizens during WWI feared the massive changes in the US society and responded to immigration, unionization, and a lack of ethnic homogeneity by repressign rather than extending civil liberties The Espionage and Sedition Act created a legal basis for shuttting down newspapers or for restricting their second class mailing priviliges, dramatically increasing the cost of circulation Most metropolitan dalies supported the war, often ooperating with George Creel's Committee on Public Information ad rarely protesting as other newspapers were being repressed by the government On foreign frontsm the war also had an impact on US new media War correspondents confronted with heavy censorship, moved from the front to centralized headquarters considered the most censored war in history--> this statement is now questionable, but at that time it was Reports were based more havily on military reports than on firsthand accounts and issues of censorship dominated editorial decision making
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Lec8 - Muckraking; Progressivism and WWI Muckraking was a...

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