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Extra Problem 1 - Montly Payment - R = Annual Interest...

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EMGT 269 – Elements of Problem Solving and Decision Making Question by Instructor: Dr. J. Rene van Dorp EXTRA PROBLEM 1: MONTHLY LOAN PAYMENT Suppose you are planning to buy a new car. The car costs $25000, you have been approved for financing the loan with a 5 year term through the car dealer and the annual interest rate on the loan is 5% - compounded monthly. A. Using the following notation B = Loan Balance (i.e. in description above B=$25000)
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Unformatted text preview: R = Annual Interest Rate (i.e. in description above R=0.05) MP = Monthly Payment derive the monthly payment MP as a function of B and R by setting the net present value of the cash-flow of monthly payments of size MP for the term of the loan equal to the loan amount B. Hint: Use the relationship 1 1 1--= + = ∑ x x x x n n j j B. Calculate MP for the case study description above using the relationship you derived under A....
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