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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan - For my research I decided to write about...

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For my research, I decided to write about Ronald Reagan , who was the 40 th President of the United States. I chose Reagan was because he graduated college with an economics and sociology degree, and I am studying economics and sociology as well. Another thing that interests me, is that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s , and I work at an Alzheimer’s clinic here at UCI, so his life story interests me in general. Nature of Success: Family, strong faith/religious; his father was a shoe salesman. Father had alcohol issues, hard to find job and—poverty. He was successful in many areas, to mention a few, he was movie actor before president, I mean he even paid his mom $75 a week to answer his fan mail. Another way I see success in him, was how he was able to socially develop his persona in college, he was known as Jack of all trades because he was involved-for instance in sports, theater, swim captain, student body president and so forth.
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