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Cesar Chavez was born 1927 and died 1993. He lived in the United States, which mean s his family lived through the 1930s, time of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was the time of economic issues in the US and worldwide. Not only did it have an impact on the stock market, but it affected all, both those wealthy and the poor. Everything was affected, income dropped, as well as unemployment, which was 33%/ Farming, in particular, suffered because at the time, crops prices fell about 60%. As a result, farmers struggled with low wages and income dropped significantly. Many farmers went bankrupt and some even lost their farms, just what happened to the Chavez family. In Iowa, angry farmers threatened to hang a judge because he refused to stop taking away homes from farmers. Other farmers, like Cesar Chavez did himself later, got together and threatened to stop providing milk to cities, all in hopes to raise prices so that they would be covered for their cost of production. This movement was called “The Farm Strike.” At this point in time, farmers
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