BIO - 1 Bio 1a Life Sciences Evolution and EcologyFall 2011...

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Evolution and Ecology—Fall 2011 Instructor : Dr. Richard Symanski Time : Tu-Thu 2 – 3:20 Place : EH 1200 Office : 403 Steinhaus Hall Office Hours : Tu 1- 1:50 E-mail : [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Alan Durbin; [email protected] T.A. Office and Office Hrs.: Course Description and Objectives: This is an introductory course in evolution and ecology for non-majors. Among principal topics covered will be evolution by natural selection, mechanisms of speciation, origin of life and plants and animals, animal diversity, human evolution, population dynamics, and ecosystems. Course Requirements : Students should read the assigned text readings in the week they are assigned. Lectures will serve three purposes: (1) elaborate on select aspects of the reading material; (2) examine in greater detail select topics covered in the course; and (3) highlight the overlap between major concerns in biology and those in the social sciences, social ecology and the humanities. Some points covered in the assigned readings will not be covered in the lectures, and vice versa; thus it is imperative to attend ALL lectures. NOTE: I do not share PowerPoint Presentations outside of class. If you miss a lecture you
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BIO - 1 Bio 1a Life Sciences Evolution and EcologyFall 2011...

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