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Villalobos, Anabel ID# 72526043 Bio Sci 1A Age of Bacteria We live in the “Age of Bacteria.” Planet Earth has always been in the “Age of Bacteria.” Bacteria have always been the dominant structure of life on Earth. Although, bacteria do not live for very long, they reproduce fast through fission and asexually, which is why there are so many everywhere. The first fossils (bacteria) were evident in rocks more than 3 billion years ago. The fossil record begins with bacteria, about 3.5 to 3.6 billion years ago. Bacteria have been the recorders of life’s history and exist in such overpowering number. They live in different
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Unformatted text preview: environments. Bacteria build most of life and bacterial foundations still remain strong. Moreover, as said earlier, bacteria inhabit ever place suitable for the existence of life. For instance, bacterial germs require alertness to battle the harm that they may do to our own health. Also, millions of bacteria are in one drop of saliva and in our everyday lives. Indeed, we live in the age of bacteria because bacteria are in every spot that can sustain any form of life. They constitute the first half of life’s history and today, the Earth contains more bacterial organisms than all others combined....
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