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Villalobos, Anabel Philosophy 1 Oct 13, 2011 Word Count: 1,010 The Problem of the Criterion The problem of the criterion is a conflict yet to be solved, in which one does not know where the starting point of knowledge is. Roderick Chisholm, in Theory of Knowledge , provides two questions that bring about the problem of the criterion. One answer to a question gives us the answer to the other question. The problem is which one do we answer first? Question A asks: “What do we know? Or: What is the extent of our knowledge?” Question B, on the other hand, asks: “How are we to decide whether we know? What are the criteria of knowledge?” Chisholm contrasts the questions and argues that one must answer either A or B, to have an answer to either A or B. For instance, if one answers question A, then one can answer question B. This would mean that one can identify certain things and from there, come up with a definition of knowledge. For example, suppose I want to define what a car is. If I believe that something with four wheels, windows and seats makes up a car, then I can define what a car is. On the other hand, one can answer question B first and from there, answer question A. This would imply that one must know the necessary and sufficient conditions for knowledge, in order to identify which things are considered knowledge or what fits the definition. For instance, if I
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PHILOSOPHY FINAL - Villalobos Anabel Philosophy 1 Word...

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