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Villalobos, Anabel Sociology 1 Memo #3 Sociologists study social inequality through race, ethnicity and gender. Institutions provide repeated patterns of social interactions and are systems of interrelated norms across society, which give people statuses essential for social order. Religion, education, marriage and family are institutions that interact to support inequality in the U.S. by prescribing behaviors expected for the husband/father, wife/mother, child, etc. by distributing rewards unevenly. The functionalist theory focuses on the ways that universal education serves the needs of society. Through the functionalist perspective, the government provides education for the children of the family, which then pay taxes to keep the state functioning. This means that a family relies on the education system to help their children prepare for good jobs so that they can continue the cycle and have their own families. Through the interaction of education and family, the functionalist assumes that there will be stability, productivity and inequality in society. This supports inequality between racial groups because it is necessary that people have different roles. For instance, Hispanics and other minorities may have less access to education, whereas White families may have higher incomes and thus, better opportunities for jobs. Also, the U.S. educates in English. The conflict theorist argues that White families will have an advantage over minorities for whom English is not the first language, promoting inequality of races. In the article Preparing for Power: Prep Schools and Higher Education , Cookson and Persell argue that “Parents who had the opportunity and money to attend an elite college are able to increase their child’s chances for admission to that college.” This leads to inequality of races because
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memo 3 - Villalobos Anabel Sociology 1 Memo#3 Sociologists...

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