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bio sci - Villalobos Anabel Bio Sci 75 Consider Chromosomes...

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Villalobos, Anabel Bio Sci 75 July 14, 2011 Consider: Chromosomes and genes Look at: Karyotype and genetic code What are the different ways a genetic disease might occur? 1. Chromosomal: Scientist can predict a genetic disease by looking for extra chromosomes or missing chromosomes in a karyotype. Often times, people who are born with an abnormal number of chromosomes may have genetic disorders because their cells contain either too much or too little genetic information. 2. Normally, a person has two copies of every gene, one from the father and the other from the mother. A disorder carried by genes can be dominant or recessive. If the affected gene is dominant, a person with one or two copies of the gene will have the disorder. If the affected gene is recessive, only a person with two copies of the gene will have the disorder. Therefore, genetic disease may be Autosomal Dominant or Autosomal Recessive. 3. Inherited genetic disorder can be a cause of what is called Sex-linked Trait. This disorder is carried on the sex chromosomes. Sex-linked disorders affect males more than females
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