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Introduction - • Linking content to related events...

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Organizational Behavior & Management 9 th Edition Instructor’s Manual
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Instructors Manual —Organizational Behavior & Management, 9 th edition PREFACE Now in its ninth edition, Organizational Behavior and Management is a user-friendly, accurate, and meaningful textbook for both students and instructors. The changes between this and the previous version are based on the suggestions of users of the book, colleagues, and managers—keep the information relevant, eliminate the readings found in previous editions, and help users trace their learning progress. The basic structure follows that of the prior version, but the content has been altered: Adding to the content base where appropriate, and streamlining it elsewhere
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Unformatted text preview: • Linking content to related events, activities, and decisions found in organizational life The book was designed with instructional flexibility in mind; it combines text, self-learning exercises, group participation exercises, and cases. The framework of the textbook is as follows: • Part One: The Field of Organizational Behavior • Part Two: Understanding and Managing Individual Behavior • Part Three: Group Behavior and Interpersonal Influence • Part Four: Organizational Processes • Part Five: Organizational Design, Change, and Innovation The test bank that accompanies the textbook has been revised, as has this Instructor’s Manual (IM) and the PowerPoint presentation. ii...
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