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ENME 350 Electronics and Instrumentation I Spring 2012 Quiz 1 Page 1 of 1 Dr. D Barker Quiz 1 (5 minutes) Remember to read the question and check your units!!! Name: Lab Section (or Day): SID: Date: 1. (5 pts) Find I y . -3mA X 1 X 2 I x X 3 X 4 -2mA + _ 5V + _ 3V KCL at bottom node: -3+Iy-(-2)=0 Iy=3-2=1 Or KCL at top node where it is obvious that Ix=3 3+(-2)-Iy=0 => Iy=3-2=1 Circle the correct answer I y = 1 mA or -1 mA 2 mA
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