educational philosophy - own ways. I do know that all...

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Running head: PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION 1 Personal Philosophy of Education Sarah Hoffman AED/200 November 2, 2011 Erin Witt
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PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF EDUCATION 2 Personal Philosophy of Education When I look at the purpose of education in society and the community I feel that it is a very big part in molding our future. When it comes to the teacher in the classroom, it is their role in each student’s life to help them to learn and help to shape their futures. I feel that a teacher should have the moral obligation of entering their classroom with high expectations of each and every student equally. There are so many qualities that are needed to be a good teacher. A teacher needs to have the ability to listen, react, patience, and willing to try new things. I feel regardless of a students learning style every student is capable of learning and succeeding in each of their
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Unformatted text preview: own ways. I do know that all students learn in their own ways and I feel that as a teacher we need to recognize those differences and help each child to learn in their own way. When I look at my teaching philosophy I am very much a constructivist theory teacher. When I think of my classroom as a whole I see a group of students eager to learn but I can take a step back and be able to tell that they do not all learn the same way. In my classroom I will have lessons that are activity involves as well as student-centered. I do believe in the no child left behind as well as no child should be removed from a classroom. If a teacher watched their students I feel they can come up with a lesson plan that will work for their particular classroom....
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educational philosophy - own ways. I do know that all...

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