ETH+125+Worksheet+2.+Ch.+2+&+3+Quiz[1] - Week 2...

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Instructions: Click on the box in front of your selected answer. There is only one correct response per question. When completed, save, and post as an attachment in the Assignments section. 1. Prejudice involves all of the following except: a. thoughts b. attitudes c. actions d. beliefs 2. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited: a. different voting registration standards for Black and White voting applicants. b. discrimination in public housing. c. discrimination in all aspects of the criminal justice system. d. all of the above. 3. Scapegoating theory: a. suggests that prejudiced people believe they are society’s victims. b. suggests that rather than accepting guilt for some failure, a person transfers the responsibility for failure to some vulnerable group. c. adds to our understanding of why prejudice exists but does not explain all its facets. d. all of the above. 4. Prejudice is: a. the same from one culture to another. b. inevitable.
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ETH+125+Worksheet+2.+Ch.+2+&+3+Quiz[1] - Week 2...

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