ETH+125+Worksheet+4.+Ch.+7+&+8+Quiz[1] - Week 4...

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Instructions: Click on the box in front of your selected answer. There is only one correct response per question. When completed, save, and post as an attachment in the Assignments section. 1. The Emancipation Proclamation: a. abolished slavery throughout the nation. b. was issued by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863. c. granted blacks the right to vote. d. all of the above. 2. Which of the following was part of the slave codes in the United States? a. Marriage between slaves was not legally permitted. b. A slave could not marry or even meet with a free Black. c. A slave could not quarrel or use abusive language toward Whites. d. all of the above. 3. The increasing sense of frustration that legitimate needs are being blocked is called: a. relative deprivation. b. absolute deprivation. c. rising expectations. d. none of the above. 4. Differential justice refers to: a. Whites being less likely to be arrested, indicted, convicted, or sentenced than Blacks for similar offenses. b. Whites being dealt with more leniently than Blacks in the criminal justice system.
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ETH+125+Worksheet+4.+Ch.+7+&+8+Quiz[1] - Week 4...

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