FINAL for hum 176 - Running head: FINAL 1 FINAL Sarah G...

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Running head: FINAL 1 FINAL Sarah G Hoffman Human/176- Media and American Culture July 17, 2011 Patrick Parise
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FINAL 2 FINAL Part1: It is an important job to be a news director of a local television station. Unfortunately two stories have come in that both have their own importance. As the director I feel that we should make the story about the celebrity death as an attention grabber with the opening to the next segment with the “coming up next” piece. I feel that the fact the city council has just voted to close city parks 3 days a week to save money is going to hurt the community. The park is going to have more of an impact on the people of the city from business, school, churches, and families. The kids enjoy the park and it keeps them out of trouble. With the park close to business’ people go shop then grab lunch to eat down in the park. So as the director I feel that we will grab the attention with the story of the celebrity death and then hit them with the local news about the park in hopes that the community will get involved to help keep the park open. When you think about media what do you think about? Well the first thing I think about is the role of media, and that is delivering news to the public is to bring reliable news, updated and to be correct about it and objective. When I actually sit here and think about it there have been many changes in media over the last century. When looking at the last century media has changed from newspaper and flyers to television, internet, and satellite. It is amazing how much as a society we have progressed. Now with the internet and cell phones no matter where we are we get the news. With the changes over the centuries it has advantages and disadvantages with modern media delivery. One of the main advantages is its a
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FINAL for hum 176 - Running head: FINAL 1 FINAL Sarah G...

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