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Axia College Material Appendix C University Resources: Week Eight Study Plan How will I approach the content of Week Eight? Before this week begins I am going to read and look over all the information for the week and go over the materials. I need to set aside a 2hr time period to work on my school work and at least two hours of reading time on Monday. I will sign into class every day. Examples What will I do before the week begins? How will I organize my week? How much time will I set aside for this week's content? How will I study the content of Week Eight? I am going to try printing out the chapters instead of reading them online so I can actually write in the margins and highlight important facts I need to remember. I am going to set aside “homework time,” and during that time I
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Unformatted text preview: am going to think and do nothing but homework. I will sit at the Kitchen table with some soft music on in the back ground. Examples How does my learning style fit in here? What will help me concentrate better? What will my study environment look like? How will I remember the content of Week Eight? I am going to do all the reading, then I am going to review the information I have highlighted and wrote in the margins. I will them make an easier outline to follow with all of the important fact. I might also create some note cards. Examples How can I use mnemonics to remember? How does my learning style fit in here? Can I use review sheets, mind maps, or other items to help me remember? US/101...
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