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week 5 assignments com 156 - Running head WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENT...

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Running head: WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENT 1 Week 5 Assignment Sarah Hoffman Com 156 June 19, 2011
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WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENT 2 Week 5 Assignment 1. Assignment: Revision Practice Resources: Axia College Material: Appendix C; Axia College Material: Appendix D Read the sample student paper in Appendix C. Write two paragraphs explaining the changes that you would make to revise the paper. The minimum word count for these two paragraphs is 400 words. Read the faculty’s rubric comments and the Turnitin ® report provided in Appendix D. Write one paragraph of at least 200 words explaining what the student could have done differently to avoid the plagiarism concerns raised by the faculty member. How could the use of Plagiarism Checker have helped the student? Post your paper as an attachment. There are a couple really big changes that I would make in The Dark Knight review By Andy. For starters if I saw this review in a paper it really would not grab my attention.
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