Com 155 week 1 - Week 1 DQ-1 List at least one of the...

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Week 1 DQ-1 List at least one of the serious writing errors identified on p. 385 and identify how such an error could negatively affect your writing. There are four different writing errors on page 385. The four different writing errors are fragments, run-ons problem with verb forms and tense, and problems with subject-verb agreement. Run-ons as written on page 418 a run-on is two sentences that are joined incorrectly and written as one sentence. There are two different kinds of run-on sentences. One kind is a fused sentence and that us two complete sentences joined without any punctuation. The other kind of run-on sentence is two complete sentences joined by only a comma instead of a comma, and one of the following words and, but, for, no, so or yet. A run-on sentence consists of two or more main clauses that are run together without proper punctuation. Sometimes even sentences which are technically correct are easier to read if they are made into shorter sentences. It negatively affects your writing because it is simply not a correct grammar and it is not in order. Run-ons can also have negative affects your writing by preventing you from writing complete and grammatically correct sentences. It will be hard for your readers to understand your articles or writings due to run-on sentences. DQ-2 Identify which of the four most serious writing errors listed on p. 385 you find challenging to overcome in your own writing. State a method to avoid this error.
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Com 155 week 1 - Week 1 DQ-1 List at least one of the...

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