Comm155 week 3 - DQ-1Often, students rely on improper...

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Unformatted text preview: DQ-1Often, students rely on improper punctuation and capitalization because of the popularity and convenience of sending text messages. In academic writing, however, you must strive to use appropriate punctuation and capitalization. Why do you need to use appropriate punctuation, including plurals and possessives, in your writing? When writing one must always use proper grammar this is to include, punctuation's, capitalization. This is very important; for as everyone well most people now a days use short terminology when spelling. Short writing is most common when texting amongst teenagers, young adults, and most adults. Even though short writing is quick and easy one can just as easily end up using the improper spellings and grammars when it comes to a class assignment. Personally, I know that I am one for constantly using the improper grammar and short writing styles in text messages. For, I have found myself periodically using the short writing styles when it comes to doing class assignments. Yes, I do often confuse myself when I do so; and when I catch myself writing in such a manner I end up laughing at myself.Finally, it is important to use proper grammar such as punctuation, capitalization, plurals and, possessives in our writing due to the following. When using proper grammar you the writer are...
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Comm155 week 3 - DQ-1Often, students rely on improper...

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