Comm155 week 4 - DQ-1Writing errors, such as those...

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Unformatted text preview: DQ-1Writing errors, such as those identified in the readings for this week, may influence the way a reader interprets your writing. A rsum that is marred by grammatical errors, for example, may prevent a job candidate from progressing to the interview stage. Do you think it is appropriate for people to be judged based on their writing? Explain your answer.In my personal opinion I feel that when an applicant submits their job application along with their resume. That it should not fully affect the persons opportunity for employment based on ones writing. I say this because not everyone is a perfectionist at writing grammatically correct. It is not fair or even considered an equal opportunity employer if one basis employment on such an important issue. Yes being able to write properly is a huge plus when applying for a job. Yet at the same time it is unfair for an employer not to accept or consider someone for a job based on that persons spelling. I am not a very good speller by far, and tend to have to look words up that persons spelling....
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Comm155 week 4 - DQ-1Writing errors, such as those...

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