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Week 2 Assignment - x [email protected]—v...

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Unformatted text preview: x Norton @LioeriseExpireii—v @ ldentitySafe— Expiredv era mlvilllwvervevovovvnveaivavvva w x Goo-31¢:EgSearchv0Ev .v .Share' 51v yoheckv mummy gnmofiuv J; \v USignln' x @v—Eflv+ Translatepag v - _= Textiotranslate _Transiaie Defl'ie til aTools vim film Eng: Ev ” I é] fl Favorilfi I fi, gSuggated Sites V a HP -SeeWhat's Hot V a NewTab EIEI U E. . t, MateriaIs: coma UNNE... |g Facebook a blue_pencil x lean against each other. On windy nights. the trees creak and groan. Because of the eerie sounds, s the mountain is thought to be haUnted by a witch. This witch controls the animals and terrifies the local people. One night each year, her spirit is said to rise. Locals and tourists gather around bonfires and drink the so-caileri witch's wine. With or without the witch, the Bracken is a pretty spooky place. . scan: 86 REMAINING H10 av '2‘ @V Pagev Safeiyv Tookv 0V . lntemetl Protected Mode: On ...
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