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Assignment: Pronoun Practice Resource: Weekly Readings Write several sentences describing a recent interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This interaction may be imagined or real. Use at least five different pronouns in your sentences. Identify all pronouns used by bolding them. Post your assignment as a Microsoft ® Word attachment. I recently spoke to my daughter about her use of credit cards. I told her I thought her balance was getting to high and that she should make more than the minimum payment each month.
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Unformatted text preview: We had already had this discussion in the past, but she didn't listen and now has a large credit card debt. My friend said that she was never going to get a credit card because she prefers to save up and pay cash for whatever she wants. She said that her uncle had once been in serious debt with credit cards and she didn't want to have to go through that awful stress. Unfortunately my brother has a bad habit of using his credit card and I hate it . I use my bank card a lot but that is mine and no one else....
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