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Week 1 assignment Com 156 - Hoffman Sarah Sarah Hoffman Com...

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Hoffman, Sarah Sarah Hoffman Com 156 In a college career a student needs to write many papers, and this includes one of my more challenging kinds, a persuasive paper. I am not a strong writer so this poses as a big challenge for me. I have a hard time getting my words onto paper the same way as they sound in my head, and it can be frustrating. I never had to write essays in high school so I never really learned how to write out my pre writing concepts I wanted in my papers, as well as work on a rough draft. Another one of my big challenges is I am a mother of a four and seven year old, and with my husband away due to being in the Navy, so I tend to get distracted very easily trying to keep everything in check. This is something that is going to be hard to work on but I am willing to try. I feel Ann Edwards Cannon states it best in 7 Key Principles for Writing Success “It’s easy to get distracted from work at hand.” “However, you can increase your chances for success by acknowledging this reality, then taking steps back to deal with it.” Another one of my flaws is I
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