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Sarah Hoffman Com 156 Week 8 Assignment: Compare and Contrasts Paragraphs Resources: Weekly Readings Review the outline posted in Week Three and the paragraphs posted in Week Four to determine what terms, if any, you may need to define. Determine if compare and contrast paragraphs are applicable for your paper. Write three paragraphs, which combined will be at least 500 words, explaining why you will or will not use definitions and compare and contrast paragraphs in your final paper. Post your paper as an attachment. When, the concept of looking for a new home comes into play. The next question is do I rent or own? In my personal opinion I feel that renting is the best option. I come from a long line of military brats and it is honestly all I know. In doing all my research the last couple weeks I still stick to my renting as the better idea. As I found on one of the websites articles Renting vs. Buying: The Realities of Home-Ownership
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