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Eric Brosnahan-Szabo Student Id 9040623610 Assignment 2: OLS Microsoft word document o List the steps you would take to access OLS. Open your internet browser Type in http://ecampus.phoenix.edu in the web browser Type in your username and password and hit login in Now you are in the main page of OLS o How do you access the Main forum? You are on the main page of OLS Click the link that says classroom on upper part of screen Click on the link that says discussion on upper part of screen You are now in the Main forum o How do you access your Individual forum? You start in the main Forum Click on your name in the side bar You are now in the Individual Forum o How did you find the Orientation Workshop readings? Start in the Classroom link Click on link on Materials on the upper part of page Scroll down and there are the readings for the class. o Where must you post your assignments? You post assignments by clicking the link that says assignments then you click on the assignment
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Unformatted text preview: you are looking to post. o Where do class discussions for participation take place? You go to discussion and click on the chat link. From there you pick who to respond to or answer a discussion questions. o What do you need to do to read replies to messages in the Main forum? In order to read replies in the main form you click on the message you want to read and scroll down to read the responses o What steps would you take to reply to a message in the Main forum? When you have scrolled down to read the messages in the upper right hand side there is a spot that says reply click on that and proceed to write your replay. When you have written what you would like to say hit post. o How can you recognize a message posted by your facilitator? I look for the facilitators name o How can you identify a discussion question thread? It shows up as a response to the main post from the facilitator...
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