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week 3 discussion 2 - can as I can even while in school o...

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o What does responsible borrowing mean to you? Responsible borrowing mean you need to be careful what the loans are that you get and borrow so you are clear on how to pay them back. It means keep an eye on your financial as you are going to school. o If you are planning to receive financial aid, how will it fit into your overall responsible borrowing strategy? I plan on only borrowing what I need and nothing more. I am using financial aid for only school purposes. I am also going to pay back what I
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Unformatted text preview: can as I can even while in school. o In your opinion, what is the most valuable lesson in the video? Why? One of the most valuable lessons in this video is the watching how much you are borrowing and the interest that adds on. I find this as a valuable lesson due to the fact of if you don’t pay attention you might end up borrowing more than you can pay back and this ends up causing financial problems further down the road....
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