sci 162 Week 7 - Week 7 Dq 1 Post a 150- to 300-word...

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Week 7 Dq 1 Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply: Based on the information in your textbook, how do decisions regarding birth control affect reproductive health? Based on the information in my textbook the decisions regarding birth control can affect the reproductive health. There are a few birth control methods that affect reproductive health. Some birth control methods you have to be very careful and make sure you are using them correctly and or inserted properly with a physician. For instance the IUD, if it is inserted wrong there can be many negative outcomes from that. You can get pregnant with an IUD still inserted and experience; miscarriage, premature delivery, infection and congenital abnormalities. Women have a higher chance of having infertility, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine perforation and tubal infections. They say woman over the age of 35 have a greater chance of having babies with Down syndrome, mental retardation and physical abnormalities, even though woman at that age are most likely to be more prepared and disciplined to have children. These women are more mature and think more about just the health and well-being of the fetus, unlike possibly teenage pregnant girls. If you get pregnant at 35 or older they make you take additional tests to make sure you and the baby are doing ok. One popular birth control would be the pill. I know I have used the patch as well as the pill and both my children were conceived on the pill. My son unfortunately I took the pill for the first 3 months of the pregnancy due to the fact I did not know I was pregnant. I got very lucky with him. He was a preemie by one month, 4lbs 11oz, small hole in his lung, resuscitated twice, and his umbilical cord was paper thin. He lost weight and was 4lbs 3oz when I took him home a week later. There are so many underlying problems with birth control I really feel a man and a woman should not only really know each other before they even have intercourse but they should really do their research on birth control as well. Week 7 dicussion 2
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sci 162 Week 7 - Week 7 Dq 1 Post a 150- to 300-word...

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