Sci 162 week 9 - Discussion 1 Post a 150 to 300-word...

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Discussion 1 Post a 150- to 300-word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply: According to Figure 7.4, what are the effects of Amphetamines on the body and mind? According to figure 7.4 Amphetamines effect the body by increasing heart rate, increasing breathing rate, increasing blood pressure, decreasing appetite, inability to sleep, sweating, dry mouth, fever, muscle twitching, convulsion, chest pains, irregular heartbeats and death due by overdose. Amphetamines affect the mind by decreasing fatigue, increasing confidence, increasing feeling of alertness restlessness, talkativeness, increasing irritability, fearfulness, apprehension, distrust of people, repetitive behaviors, and psychosis. It also generally elevate mood. the more its used physical and psychological dependence develops. Sleeping patterns are also affected. certain types are used for medicinal purposes. Ritalin and Adderall are used to treat children with ADHD. Recently my son has been diagnosed with the ADHD and they first thing I was told was meds. Now this is honestly something I have a hard time with. He is fine at school it is when he is home it is hard. My friends mother had told me a good chunk of kids that have ADHD and other kinds of things similar to it the actions can be caused from something as simple as a food allergy. But as for this discussion question Ritalin is known to be the most stolen medicine. It’s not true that it can improve academic performance. no one should use that medication if it’s not prescribed to you. Nor should people be taking it for to stay woke, there are other things that will help you stay awake. Discussion 2 After viewing 20/20 ’s segment on alcohol, how did each of the three men differ when considering body size, past alcohol drinking patterns, food intake on the day of the competition and during the drinking bout, performance on the roadside sobriety test, and eventual blood alcohol content? What was each
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Sci 162 week 9 - Discussion 1 Post a 150 to 300-word...

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