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Axia College Material Appendix E Create-A- Diet This activity demonstrates how to select a healthful food regime. Go to bin/chd/diet.cgi to begin the activity. Select foods from a variety of choices and then review a report on how closely you were able to match your intake goals for saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories. After analyzing the nutritional value of your typical daily diet, describe the areas in which you need improvement by answering the questions below. 1. Is your fat intake too high? According to the TLC Diet Chart my daily fat intake is way too high and ,I even added in the changes that both my friend Sarah and I have made to our diet plans. . So I feel that the results of this assignment are unfair…I say this because I closely monitor what goes into my body on a daily basis. . 2. Is your overall calorie intake too high or too low? Yes , by the results of the TLC Diet Chart my overall calorie intake for a single day or meal is way over the limit. 3. What are the steps you could take to improve your diet? Some of the steps that I can take to improve my diet are do more exercise such as cardiovascular and eat more fruits and vegetables . Another step I can take is to watch my portions and not do a lot of stress eating which I tend to do when I have way too much going on… In my honest opinion about this “TLC Diet Chart” , the foods and values that they go off of for a daily limit are set to the highest levels. Which really does not give a person a reasonable chance to make sure that what they are eating is set with in the recommended standard of what one should be putting into their bodies per meal, I say this due to even when a person is healthy and eating healthy no matter what your answer is for the chart its going to tell you that your daily limits are either to low or to high. . I am one of those people that likes to exercise and eat right and makes sure I can keep my diet but does things that will change my diet based on what a nutritionist or doctor recommends me to do and eat. SCI/162
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Finally , I am sorry if what I stated above offends anyone but this is my honest opinion. I also hope that everyone that has done this assignment does not take their answers to heart and talks with a doctor or certified nutritionist before making any drastic changes to their diet. . I am adding in the results of the TLC Diet plan to help support my theory on what I have said as par my statements about this . Create Another Diet?
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sci162r3_Appendix_E[1 week 5] - Axia College Material...

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