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Sociology Notes Fall Semester 2010

Sociology Notes Fall Semester 2010 - Sociology socio being...

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Sociology socio- being part of a group (latin) logy- study (greek) 110 years ago-field appeared unique- science with the study of society didn't develop until after Darwin, late 1800s ignores the physical level. Properties- life (biology) 3 rd level- psychological level (thought; mind) 4 th level- social- society and culture can't be explained by reference to biology tends to use social variables to explain social outcomes. Reductionism- use biological, psychological, physical variables to explain social phenomenon (suicide) social psychology- social with psychological level social factors that affect social variables whether there are laws pf social life that are never changing focus on stability or change functionalism-stability and structure split b/w structure and concept large scale society vs. face-to-face interaction Durkheim (suicide rate) trying to understand Max Weber- how people see the world (define it) sociology developed in Europe Versteehan- understand how people think people argue that science shouldn't be applied to study of people what is, what was, and what will be, based on trends whether we are an academic field or applied field public sociology- applied sociology United States moved towards theoretical sociology last 20 years-> moving towards application scientific sociology- science of society interpretive sociology- know what one is thinking who benefits from this procedure critical/conflict sociology-who's benefiting, who's losing social work and sociology are linked but have very little in common philosophy can't use science- think w/o observation sociologists have to rely on empiricism (use of human senses) How Sociology and Psychology differ? Egocentricism- judge others by standards. Ethnocentrism- putting your group in the center. - judging others by your group. Concept: Power of Positive Thinking Psych yourself up (internal)- individual social component: self-fulfilling prophesy (social prediction) we think you can (social phenomenon)
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Personality and culture every society has a different culture (uniqueness) Sociology vs. Journalism? Journalists don't have to use science or tie into theory. Sociologists are limited primarily to social variables. Journalists know how to write and reach an audience. Sociological Perspective dichotomy-dividing into two parts continuum-range sociological imagination is a matter of degree culture works against it 1. looking for overall patterns in a unit of study (principles) 2. looking at the familiar and seeing the unfamiliar (strange) 3. putting an individual in a social context when people are socially marginal (b/w two groups) they have a better sociological perspective In times of change people begin to think sociologically People who oppose science are less likely to think this way Sociological Imagination- way of looking at the world that places the individual in historical content
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Sociology Notes Fall Semester 2010 - Sociology socio being...

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