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a. If we are given a 128Mx32 RAM, we know that it is a 2^7*2^20x32 = 2^27x32 RAM. From looking at the diagram given above, we can see that it will take 27 address lines and 32 data lines for this RAM. b. The RAM can hold up to 128Mx32 bits of memory which is equal to 2^27*2^5=2^32 bits of memory. If we want to find the number of bytes that this RAM can hold, we need to convert. The conversion rate is 1 byte to 2^3 bits. So we will do 2^32/2^3 = 2^29 bytes of
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Unformatted text preview: memory. c. If we are going to use 4Kx4 RAMs to build a 128Mx32 RAM, we know how much each chip can hold. There is a total of 2^32 bits of memory we need to store. Each of the 4Kx4 RAM can hold 2^14 bits of memory. This means that we will need a total of 2^32/2^14 = 2^18 chips. Each of the 4Kx4 RAMs have 2^12 address lines,...
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