T.+McCrory+PSY+201+Week+6 - A Conception of Adult...

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A Conception of Adult Development is the article I thought was quite interesting and had a relation to social development issues we face in adulthood. The article I found discusses our life courses, cycles, structure, and the development of life structure in our early and middle stages of adulthood. Life course is referred to as our concrete character of life in its evolution from the beginning to end. The breakdown of the words life and course is the following: (life-includes all of our aspects of living such as: our inner wishes and fantasies, our love relationships, families, careers, other social systems (friends), bodily changes, the good or bad times we may encounter (memories)) all these have a significance in our lives; course indicates a sequence, temporal flow, the need to study a life as it unfolds throughout the years. Our life cycle is the underlying order of the human life course; although each individual is unique, everyone goes through the same basic sequence. Our life cycles are similar to the seasons
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T.+McCrory+PSY+201+Week+6 - A Conception of Adult...

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