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CASE ANALYSIS and PRESENTATION-Spring 2012 FACTOR (with examples of things considered) YOUR SCORE RESEARCH 1 : Completeness of Information: Identified Accounting Issue(s) Identified Relevant Authoritative Literature Understanding of Issue(s) and Authoritative Literature ANALYSIS 1 : Linkage of Issue(s) To Relevant Accounting Literature Analysis vs. mere description/reporting. (i.e. identifying relevant issues, factors, and problems vs. restating facts in the case) Discussion of all possible alternative accounting treatments that a client/Company could potentially consider. Conclusion/Recommendation as to Accounting Treatment ORGANIZATION of THOUGHTS/IDEAS 2 : Clarity of ideas Use of examples to illustrate points Connection of information to course as a whole/previous courses. Connection of information to Case presented PRESENTATION 2 : Speaking style Use/Quality of audio-visuals Creativity in engaging the audience
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Unformatted text preview: Polish (e.g. smooth openings and closings) Q&A 3 : Responses to questions Professionalism of responses TOTAL Note: This is to help you understand how Cases/Presentations will be graded. 1. Case Research and Analysis are the major areas graded. These two areas will make up 70 to 75 points of the Case. I will look at both the Written Case analysis and Oral Presentation when assigning these points. The Written Case Analysis will be the basis of assign these points (70 Points) 2. Organization and Presentation will make up 25 to 30 points. I will look to how the written paper and oral presentation were organized and look to evaluate the oral presentation itself when assigning these points. Thus, the Oral Presentation will at most count for 20 points 3. Q&A is a potential area that may be graded if time permits. This area will be assigned 5 points max....
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