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2IT540(2011)(WEB)F - Copy - LOUISIANA FILE ONLINE Fast....

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LOUISIANA FILE ONLINE Fast. Easy. Absolutely Free. revenue.louisiana.gov/fileonline Are you due a refund? If you file this paper return, it will take 12 to 16 weeks to get your refund check. With Louisiana File Online and direct deposit, you can receive your refund in 7 to 10 days.
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2011 LOUISIANA RESIDENT IT-540 - WEB 6249 Your first name Init. Last name Suffix If joint return, spouse’s name Present home address (number and street including apartment number or rural route) City, Town, or APO State ZIP IMPORTANT! You must enter your SSN below in the same order as shown on your federal return. Your SSN Spouse’s FILING STATUS: Enter the appropriate number in the F ling status box. It must agree with your federal return. Enter a “1” in box if single . Enter a “2” in box if married f ling jointly . Enter a “3” in box if married f ling separately . Enter a “4” in box if head o± household . * Enter a “5” in box if quali±ying widow(er). Area code and daytime telephone number 6 EXEMPTIONS: 6A Yourself 65 or older Blind Qualifying Widow(er) 6B Spouse 65 or older Blind Total of 6A & 6B 6C DEPENDENTS – Enter dependent information below. If you have more than 6 dependents, attach a statement to your return with the required information. Enter the total number from ±ederal ±orm 1040A, Line 6c, or ±ederal ±orm 1040, Line 6c, in the boxes here. 6C * If the qualifying person is not your dependent, enter name here. ±irst Name Last Name Social Security Number Relationship to you Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy) 12312011 66 62497 I± you are not required to f le a ±ederal return, indicate wages here. 6D TOTAL EXEMPTIONS – Total of 6A, 6B, and 6C 6D 7 ±EDERAL ADJUSTED GROSS INCOME – If your ±ederal Adjusted Gross Income is less than zero, enter “0.” ±rom Louisiana Schedule E, attached I± you did not itemize your deductions on your ±ederal return, leave Lines 8A, 8B, and 8C blank and go to Line 9. 8A ±EDERAL ITEMIZED DEDUCTIONS 8B ±EDERAL STANDARD DEDUCTION 8C EXCESS ±EDERAL ITEMIZED DEDUCTIONS – Subtract Line 8B from Line 8A. 9 ±EDERAL INCOME TAX – If your federal income tax has been decreased by a federal disaster credit allowed by IRS, mark the box. See instructions for Schedule H.
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2IT540(2011)(WEB)F - Copy - LOUISIANA FILE ONLINE Fast....

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