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Assignment #3 – System Requirements and Use Cases ISDS 4113 (10 points) Eric Matherne Assume that you have been hired to develop a system for a new on-line marketplace. The site, LSU Marketplace, will allow LSU students to offer items for sale and to bid on/buy items. The system will work exactly the same as eBay, but access will be limited exclusively to LSU students (buyers and sellers) and no commission will be charged. For this assignment: 1. Write 10 high-level system requirements for the LSU Marketplace System. For each requirement, note whether it is a: 1) functional requirement, 2) non-functional requirement, or 3) implementation/design constraint. (Include all 3 types in your set of requirements.) Note: This will not be a comprehensive set of requirements for the system – just a subset. 2. Access this website: http://www.gatherspace.com/static/use_case_example.html#1 and select one of the use cases shown in the diagram in Step 3 for either the Seller (e.g., Create Account) or for the Buyer (e.g., Places Bid) and write a point-form (bulleted) use case for this process.
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