Assignment4 - Assignment #4 Requirements Elicitation...

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Assignment #4 – Requirements Elicitation – Skills/Techniques ISDS 4113 (10 points) The purpose of this assignment is to give you some experience with some of the challenges/techniques in gathering user requirements and elicitation strategies. For this assignment, you may choose either one of the following : Option 1 : “Tie your shoelaces” As discussed in the lecture, one of the challenges of gathering requirements is that people know how to do many things that they cannot describe. An analyst developing a system to support a person in their work, for example, may find that it is difficult for the user to describe in detail what they do and why they do it – as they learned their jobs, some of this has become automatic – things they don’t even think about anymore. That knowledge has become “tacit.” Even as they train new people to do the same job, they may ‘show’ them how to do it rather than ‘tell’ them how to do it. To see an example of this phenomenon, ask a friend or acquaintance “How do you tie
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Assignment4 - Assignment #4 Requirements Elicitation...

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