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Eric Matherne 1. a. See #1.mpp b. The total cost will be: $100,000 + $50,000 + $274,659.21 = $424,659.21 If the project is worth $250,000 / month, the project will be paid for in 1.7 months after completion. c. The project assistant is overscheduled for this project. Additional assistants may be assigned to the project, or the project timeline must be extended. At the current time frame with the assistant overscheduled, the project will start 1/4/10 and end 4/4/11. If the resources are leveled, the project completion date will be 8/8/11. See #1_leveled.mpp d. The company will not realize the value until April 4, 2011. This means that they will lose $750,000. This will essentially be a loss of $424,659.21 +
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Unformatted text preview: $750,000 = $1,174,659.21. 2. The expected cost is now $323,409.21, a difference of $48,750. This plan saves time. The project will be completed sooner. If the value of the project is $250,000 / month starting January 1, 2011, this revised schedule will allow the project to be completed almost 1 month sooner, which means higher savings. 3. The current cost to date is $6000 + $50,750 + $9000 + $17,000 + $3150 = $85,900 a. The project is behind schedule by 24 days. b. The project is over budget by $3150 c. The projected budget is $323,409.21 + $3150 = $326,559.21, however unless time can be made up on the critical path (24 days worth), the project may be further over budget....
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