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Assignment # 10 Eric Matherne Due date: Tuesday, 4/24 Review each of the five mini-case scenarios below involving ethical dilemmas associated with project management. Describe how you would respond to each situation and why. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Jack Nietzche You returned from a project staffing meeting in which future project assignments were finalized. Despite your best efforts, you were unable to persuade the director of project management to promote one of your best assistants, Jack Nietzche, to a project manager position. You feel a bit guilty because you dangled the prospect of this promotion to motivate Jack. Jack responded by putting in extra hours to ensure that his segments of the project were completed on time. You wonder how Jack will react to this disappointment. More importantly, you wonder how his reaction might affect your project. You have five days remaining to meet a critical deadline for a very important customer. While it won’t be easy, you believed you would be able to complete the project on time. Now you’re not so sure. Jack is halfway through completing the documentation phase, which is the last critical activity. Jack can be pretty emotional at times, and you are worried that he will blow up once he finds he didn’t get the promotion. As you return to your office, you wonder what you should do. Should you tell Jack that he isn’t going to be promoted? What should you say if he asks about whether the new assignments were made? If Jack doesn’t ask about the assignments you may be able to get by a few days without saying anything, but you must tell him the truth. You should also volunteer the information without his asking for it. If Jack asks about the new assignments, he should be told that he did not get the
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Assignment10_Eric_Matherne - Assignment 10 Eric Matherne...

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