140C Prerequisites-Review Topics

140C Prerequisites-Review Topics - 140C...

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140C Prerequisites-Review Topics The prerequisites for registering in 140C are a passing grade in 140A and 140B. The prerequisites for success in 140C are a good grasp of the fundamental concepts and topics learned in 140A and 140B. Sadly, these prerequisites are not one and the same in all cases. Therefore, I have provided this document to assist you in preparing for success in 140C. 140C builds upon the extensive information and concepts learned in 140A and B. Since there is much new knowledge to input, we will not have time to review, re-learn, or learn for the first time, topics from 140A and B. This document highlights some CRITICAL concepts and topics that you should have a firm grasp of in order to do well in 140C. Although everything you learned in 140A and B is important, these are absolutely crucial to your success with 140C. The review items in this document are broken into two sections. The first part lists items related to critical organic chemistry conceptual topics. A thorough understanding and
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140C Prerequisites-Review Topics - 140C...

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