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Becoming Human Questions - could see fruit trees dates and...

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Becoming Human 1. What is the name of the narrator of this documentary? Donald Johanson. 2. How many species of humans survive today? Only 1 specie 3. Where is the place in which the study of human origin takes place in the beginning of the documentary? The city of Hadar in Ethiopia,Africa 4. What type of fossils are studied in the documentary? Bones 5. What was the major fossil find for the narrator? Partial skeleton eroding from the ancient Hadar sediments. I was an hominid 6. What song were the fossil remains named after? Lucy in the sky with diamonds” 7. Where does the name afarensis come from? Afarensis celebrates the Afar people in the region were Lucy was discovered. 8. How does Dr. Reed describe Hadars’ earlier environment and climate? Hadar is a very barren, dusty place today. There is very little rain fall. Three million years ago it was a lots and lots of browsing animals which means there were a lot of trees. These trees probably extended from the ancient Awash River for miles. You
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Unformatted text preview: could see fruit trees, dates and figs and things for monkeys to eat and more importantly, things for the hominids to eat . 9. What happened to the worlds/African climate 6 million years ago? The world became drier and colder place. The African forests, home to the Miocene apes started to thin and were gradually replaced by open woodlands. 10. What did Mary Leakey unearth in 1978? Unearthed in 1978 by Mary Leakey and her excavation team, the Laetoli foot prints are unique and dramatic evidence for one of the defining characters of being a hominid -bipedalism. 11. What happened to brain size over time according to Alan Walker? The brain size increase because the body size also increased. 12. How tall was the Turkana Boy at death? How tall would he have been had he lived? Boy stood about five feet four inches but as an adult he would have been at least six feet tall. 13. What country were the first Neanderthal fossils found? It was found in the Neander Valley in Germany...
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Becoming Human Questions - could see fruit trees dates and...

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