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chapter 17 part 1 - Chapter 17 Lecture Notes Part 1...

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Chapter 17 Lecture Notes Part 1 Objectives Review opening essay on the discovery of Homo floresiensis. Define animal, and describe common aspects of animal development. Describe the significance of the Cambrian explosion. Describe two hypotheses that attempt to explain this phenomenon. When studying the evolution of life on earth the correct order of appearance is prokaryotic organisms followed by eukaryotic organisms and plants evolved before animals. However, I have chosen to introduce animals first because normally during the spring semester students have laboratory reports and exercises that require the collection of plant life. For this reason, I reverse the order lecture in order to have a nice supply of plant life. I have decided to continue this trend with this class as well but please be aware of the correct order of appearance. I. Review opening essay: Biology and Society: Human Evolution II. The Origins of Animal Diversity A. General Characteristics of Animals. (Review figures 17.2) 1. Animals are: a. eukaryotic - composed of eukaryotic cells b. multicellular - composed of many cells c. heterotrophic - organisms that obtain nutrients by ingestion, eating food. (1) Animals digest their food within their bodies after ingesting other organisms, dead or alive, whole or by the piece. d. Most animals reproduce sexually - fusion of egg and sperm (1) The zygote develops into a blastula , usually a hollow ball of cells. (2) In most animals a
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chapter 17 part 1 - Chapter 17 Lecture Notes Part 1...

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