d3 - Key Lessons Regarding Communication: Ø Importance of...

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Unformatted text preview: Key Lessons Regarding Communication: Ø Importance of Feedback to effective communication. Ø Why don’t managers work to get more feedback? o No feedback is ‘quicker’ and managers are pressed for time. o No feedback is more comfortable…there is less negative feedback. o o Ø Managers, as we all do, become ‘defensive’ when receiving negative feedback…and so they (we) send out non-verbal messages…discouraging feedback. Defensiveness is key roadblock for effective communication. Importance of Listening skills o Managers spend MOST of their communication time…not talking…but listening. o Listening is NOT a passive activity…it is active. o You have to WORK to be a good listener. o Too many times we become DEFENSIVE…and this interferes with listening. o Good listeners do the following: § Focus on the speaker § Ask clarifying (non-emotional, non-judgmental) questions § Repeat messages back (mirror back) both the content and the emotion in a message. § Avoid prejudging the speaker…or planning our response when the speaker is still talking. § Use pauses…silence…after the speaker finishes…encourages the speaker to add more…and gives the listener time to ‘choose their response’. Be careful with your response…the ‘tongue can be like a serpent’. Ø Importance of use of ‘Descriptive’ language and questioning skills to prevent …. Ø Defensiveness…a key ‘Road Block’ to effective listening and communication. Ø Usefulness of ‘Transactional Analysis’ (TA) for effective interpersonal communication. [Parent, adult, child styles; crossed or parallel patterns]. Ø Importance of ‘adult’ questioning skill/language [note: ‘adult’ language in TA lingo is the same as ‘descriptive’ language. It is Non-judgmental language…is not as likely to build defensiveness.] ...
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d3 - Key Lessons Regarding Communication: Ø Importance of...

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