MidtermReview-Spring2012 - WEEK 1& 2: LINK:...

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Unformatted text preview: WEEK 1& 2: LINK: Business Schools and Globalization: Promising the World: http://www.economist.com/blogs/whichmba%3F/2011/09/pankaj-ghemawat 1. How are business schools at teaching globalization? (p.1) - They dont do a really good job - According to Pankaj Ghemawat, schools are not teaching globalization and should be charged with false advertising. The argument he makes is that schools are America-focused with attention given to research in cross-border issues. Another knock on colleges is the lack of courses in globalization outside of international economics. 2. And how good is Bauer teaching globalization? - We are one of the few school that require business students to take international business courses, Bauer also offers study aboard programs LINK : The Global Leadership Mindset for Today's Business 1. What is Global Citizenship? - An awareness of how the world works, know history, economics - Global Citizenship is a potent combination of geographic, political, economic, governmental, legal, cultural, technological and environmental savvy that informs business strategy formulation and execution.- Awareness of the world as a global community. Open-minded interest in the world, global business, culture and people 2. How does Global Citizenship relate to Global Mindset? -Is and ends to your ability to work in a borderless world, indentify your opportunity and innovate. Ex. Mcweddings in Hong Kong 3. What are some examples in which to replicate the expat experience in a virtual world and make it available to all? -Companies are creating their own versions of study aboard where they sent there employees over seas for a short period of time to learn the business culture and language. Export light - Going to study abroad in England, Hong Kong and try to emerge them into a culture to understand how to sell products and understand how to target that culture. Ex pat lite is a bad experience or a 4 to 6 week experience in another place. TABLE: The Four Ps of Globalization What are the four Ps? 1. Philosophy The philosophy of Globalization - It entails the reality of being interconnected: Peoples economic, political and cultural expectations are converging. Even after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis, the world is or may be more integrated than it had ever been before. - The more interdependence is better for all and moving toward that direction worldwide and apart of the stag hunt, which is, a win win situation. And nations should work together because they share it and both would be better off. - Ex: After world war 2 the U.S. created it and became a manager of security WTO, UN and these are both examples of win win situation. After the 2008 of U.S. downfall, everyone looked to themselves as having all of their own issues and (E.g. economics) you get a G-Zero, after the downfall china went to Latin America and Africa seeing it as a opportunity to capitalize on oil and natural resources....
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MidtermReview-Spring2012 - WEEK 1& 2: LINK:...

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