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Handout #2 - TA Version - TA Ishita Desai Section Th...

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TA: Ishita Desai OH: Th 10-11AM Café Roma Section: Th 9-9:50AM Center 217B [email protected] Handout #2 – TA Version DOWNREGULATION G s pathway: What are arrestins and by what mechanism do they inactivate GPCRs? Increased activation of HR complex increased β ARK phosphorylates receptors on intracellular side arrestin binds and prevents further receptor activation (can also act as signal for receptor endocytosis) - Sooo: this decreases: receptor activity, number and response to hormones/NTs Another method you might want to know: increased PKA and CaCaMK to nucleus phosphorylation of protein CREB-P --> increased DNA transcription INTRACELLULAR RECEPTORS Cytoplasmic: NH3- Transactivation Domation DNA BD Ligand BD - COOH - The hormone binds to the ligand BD, where HSP is also attached HSP dissociates HR complex translocates into nucleus o What is the purpose of HSP (discussed in classs)? To prevent protein aggregation. Name two classes of intracellular receptors, their location, and a hormone that binds to each of these receptors: Steroid (except estrogen) Cytoplasm or Cytosol cortisol, testosterone, aldosterone, Thyroid, estrogen, vit. D3 Nucleus thyroxine, T3, estrogen, etc. HORMONE REGULATION (general) The very general idea for hormone release can be described as such: Stimulus hypothalamus __ releasing hormone anterior pituitary other stimulating hormones other glands more hormones - In general, this is the mechanism you’ll encounter for almost any hormonal
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Handout #2 - TA Version - TA Ishita Desai Section Th...

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