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Handout 4 answers - BICD 150 Summer 2011 Mo Week 3: Handout...

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BICD 150 – Summer 2011 Ni Mo Week 3: Handout #3 jeffnimo@gmail.com Material Covered: Female Reproduction OH: Tuesday 1-2pm Peterson Hall Lobby Female Reproduction Gross Anatomy: The female external genitalia consist of: ____ clitoris, labia majora, labia minora, lower vagina ______ The female accessory structures consist of: ____ fallopian tube, upper part of vagina, uterus ______ Sexual Development The absence of SRY will cause the bipotential gonads to develop into ovaries Female external genitalia are developed with the absence of __ DHT __ Female accessory structures are developed from the __ Mullerian __ duct with the absence of __ AMH __. Why do males require additional signal for development, but for females it is the “default” pathway? Pregnant mothers already have elevated levels of female hormones (estrogens and progesterone), so it would be counterproductive for the fetus to require additional signals for development. Gametogenesis Embryonic Stage/Pre-puberty: - Oogonium undergoes mitotic division to make more oogonia (~200 million). These oogonia then undergo DNA replication to make __ primary oocyte ___ (~500,000). These are then arrested until puberty
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Handout 4 answers - BICD 150 Summer 2011 Mo Week 3: Handout...

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